Top Leadership

Will Spielhagen, CPP
Managing Partner

Will has been the Managing Partner and founder of Peak Parking since 2016. At the time he launched the company, he already had an extensive career with parking companies across the country where he served in various management, operational and leadership roles.

For over 10 years, Will has operated and gained experience in commercial parking operations, mixed-use facility management, state parks, residential parking, hotel valet, restaurant valet, event valet, event management, meter collections and enforcement, to name just a few. In addition, he has earned industry accreditation as a Certified Parking Professional.

Will’s marketing, management and operational experience includes business process improvements, implementing a variety of web-based parking applications, new location planning, acquisition and set-up of new accounts. He also evaluates and enhances property assets by developing and implementing strategic marketing and business plans to accelerate growth for owned and client locations. Will has a passion for finding new revenue sources and adding value for his customers.

Will has been a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association, the Seattle Executives Association and the National Parking Association.